Policemen & co.

The photos show how advertising using the police and other emergency services could be carried out. At present this space is not utilised. However there is great potential as these services play a major part in daily life. They are in every town and city all over the world. Everybody is aware of them. They control traffic, major sporting events, concerts, they patrol the streets, they help people in dif≠ficult situations etc etc. Also they get a lot of press coverage, Any advertisements would therefore be seen regularly as people have a great interest in the news and current affairs.
The idea is to use clever and witty advertising. Choose the right brands to be advertised in the right way. There are many ways this can be done as demonstrated by my photos.
Mike Coyle

Viagra - set your passion on fire

Aquafresh - 3 stripes

Riot Police
Durex Condoms - Nothing gets through

Traffic Police
Duracell - on and on and on

Mounted Police
Events printed on horses body